California: Designing Freedom

California: Designing Freedom explores how the ideals of the 1960s counterculture morphed into the tech culture of Silicon Valley, and how ‘Designed in California’ became a global phenomenon.

The exhibition, on view at the Design Museum in London charts the journey from California’s booming counter-culture in the 1960’s transformed the state into a tech-haven. Tracing the growing influence on contemporary design, the exhibition explores how California pioneered tools of personal liberation, from LSD to surfboards and iPhones.

Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show curator, Brendan Mcgetrick joins with Justin McGuirk to curate the exhibition, displaying political posters, portable devices and everything in between to highlight how ‘Designed in California’ is the new ‘Made in Italy’.

The exhibition is currently on view at the Design Museum through October 15, 2017.