Beirut Design Week 'Need for Regional Change'

Dubai Design Week was in Beirut yesterday for ‘NEED FOR REGIONAL EXCHANGE’, a panel discussion on Design Weeks and Collectives of Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Casablanca, Dubai and Tehran which brought together representatives from all six cities to discuss the potential for collaboration in the Middle East. The Audi Innovation Award was also announced to Beirut Design Week’s audience, an opportunity for all designers and innovators in the region to submit their ideas.

Held within Beirut Design Week (19-26 May), panelists were: Shirin Motamed (Persia Collective), Soukeina Hachem (Houna Collective/ Casablanca Design Week), Rawan Kashkoush (Dubai Design Week’s programme head), Rana Beiruti (Amman Design Week), Mohamad Elshahed (curator of Dubai Design Week 2016’s Iconic City exhibition, Cairo Now!)

Dubai Design Week was conceived to shine a spotlight on not just Dubai and the UAE’s thriving design scene but the region at large. As a reflection of Dubai’s collaborative spirit, its unique and diverse programme with exhibitions such as Abwab and the Iconic City series serve as a platform for visitors to explore design narratives from the region.