Urban Commissions 10 Shortlisted Designs

Urban Commissions in its third year has seen an ever maturing pool of designers submitting design proposals for urban furniture. For this edition, Emirati tradition of gathering has been honored through the theme of surface and seating combinations that welcome users to a ‘communal table’. The objective is to collect and meet, work and eat; a setting for conversation, collaboration and respite; the submissions for 2016 are thoughtful and diverse.

The submissions were studied by a selection of design-industry professionals and educators from the following leading institutions of the design community; Dubai Culture, Dubai Design District (d3), Zayed University and Sole DXB, who shortlisted the proposals down to 10. From organic to dhow inspired to modular and customizable, the designs prove to be as wide-ranging as Dubai’s citizens. 

An initiative by Dubai Design District (d3) and Dubai Culture, the first edition of Urban Commissions was launched at the end of 2015; the competition saw creative industry students and professionals residing in the UAE pour their creativity into resolving a design challenge for the public realm – conceiving seating in the first year, and a shelter for the second, both currently situated in d3 and constructed within the 50,000AED budget.

The shortlisted designs will now undergo design development before to the judges for the second and final round next week.

Hailing from the Canada, India, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and the USA here are the top 10 design proposals.

  1. Ammar Kalo
  2. Alya AlEghfeli & Jawaher AlKhayyal
  3. Cecilia Morosi
  4. Firas Alsahin
  5. Ivan Parati
  6. Nada Al Mulla & Salwa Khudairi
  7. Sarah Faruki
  8. Zaneena M Kareem
  9. Jonathan LeMaster
  10. Jassem Zribi


We wish the designers luck and thank them for their outstanding efforts.

The winner will be announced early February and the completed prototype will be unveiled at Dubai Design Days 2017 this 14 – 17, March before moving to its new home at Dubai Design District.