Destination Focus: Beirut

Set in the context of The Middle East and North Africa’s rich cultural heritage, Beirut Design Week showcases the best of Lebanese and international design, encouraging intercultural exchange, design education and social impact. The event gathers more than 25,000 visitors participating in over 150 events sprawled across the stimulating and lively city of Beirut.

Beirut Design Week highlights sustainability and innovation through thoughtful design, represented by resin vases, vessels molded from fruit skins and foam stools by Tamara Barrage; biodegradable containers made from coffee grounds and newspaper waste from Paola Sakr; and flexible, translucent tea lights and jewelry boxes crafted by Muriel Kai from ‘fruit leather’.

Vrouyr Joubanian, co-founder and Program Manager of Beirut Design Week explains, “We are looking forward to participating in Destination at Downtown Design this year to showcase the best of design and innovation from Beirut. The designers that will be showcased bring forth inspiring, unique and sustainable design concepts, and are an excellent example of some of the exceptional design that comes out of the region.”

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