This inventive workshop allowed participants to explore the world of mushrooms and mycelium and their value to our planet.

In this workshop, participants learnt about the mushroom and mycelium world and their important role for our planet, the basics of mushroom growing, how this experiment emerged, why books are the right media, as well as maintenance tips for your experiment. Dima Alsrouri introduced the practice of growing and harvesting edible mushrooms. A fun experiment to grow mushrooms on pre-loved and recycled books. Mushrooms were the designer to create interesting shapes and patterns on a book of participants' choice.

Ages: 15+

About the Artist:

Dima is a city strategist and a creative thought leader, building bridges between urban planning, design, sustainability, and urban agriculture. She brings an interdisciplinary approach and a wealth of knowledge on the science of cities, sustainability, circular economy & sustainable business models.

She is currently Director of Biospheric City Lab, a boutique consultancy for sustainable development based in D3 and a lecturer in urban planning & development at the Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi.