Utilising 2700 'single use' plastic bottles - represented usage of 6 typical UAE residents in a year - PEAHEAD.eco in collaboration with Beyrac Architects brought this easily avoided plastic waste into full view during Dubai Design Week in order to highlight the plastic crisis.

The collaboration has allowed this installation piece titled 'Refractions' to be recycled, reimagined and evolved from its initial installment version ‘Reflections’ done earlier this year. 'Refractions' broke apart and shed light on the reflections we have about our own consumer responsibility when we look in the mirror.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented increase of single use plastics which continues today. Although faced with the accumulation of unnecessary plastic bottles and the reflection of the self, this engaging installation will encourage visitors to emerge from its mirrored corridor with the feeling of control and a simple message of positivity; yes you can break the plastic habit.

About Beyrac Architects

Launched in 2002 in Beausoleil-France, Beyrac Architects have worked with DHA Architects followed by AMA architects to create modern concepts for many projects. In 2019 Beyrac Architects established a new office and interior design showroom in Dubai Design District (d3). Beyrac architects is a French architecture firm for design, consultancy services and sustainability solutions with a global reach especially in the Middle East.

About PEAHEAD.eco

PEAHEAD.eco is an emerging design studio inspired by sustainability with a passion for the environment. Addressing sustainability through creativity Peahead.eco creates upcycled art works, hosted workshops and upcycled slow fashion products. Expressing their love for this planet by giving would-be-waste materials another life they hope to inspire others to see value in everything around them.