This barza hosted a conversation between experts in architecture and urban planning in the UAE.

The morphology of the Emirates urbanization is an endless conversation that architects and urbanists maintain with one another.

This session of the ‘Meet the UAE Creatives’ programme brought together architects and urban planners to discuss the history of planning the Emirates to the present day as well as looking to the future; how preservation of culture has been embodied in the UAE’s architecture today and how future generations of architects and urban planners can sustain and enhance the present flow.

With the programme being inspired by the traditional ‘Barza’ setting, the talks emphasized building connections through constant engagement between the audience and invited speakers routing away from the forms of how panel discussions are. For this talk, the connection of engaging the audience and speakers was through the activity of a Barza quiz.

Speakers included:

  • Khaled AlAwadi, Associate Professor at Khalifa University
  • Guillaume Crédoz, Founder of Bits to Atoms