Multi-disciplinary Kuwait-based Studio Meshary AlNassar partnered with global surfaces brand Cosentino to create ‘Pardis’, an outdoor public installation, constructed entirely out of an ultracompact engineered surface; Dekton.

In an era defined by physical distancing ‘Pardis’ – derived from the word ‘Paradise’ often used in ancient times describe scenic Persian Gardens – was an idyllic conceptual garden, a contemporary take on the ancient Persian ‘paradise gardens’ surrounded by the beauty of nature and materials.

It acted as a sanctuary as much as a physical manifestation of our yearning for a sense of community again. The concept featured seating elements, a water feature and also used lighting design that allowed it to transform during the evenings. It was an escape from the claustrophobia of enclosed spaces, bubbles within a bubble, a space for work, a place for quiet contemplation and inspiring conversations. A place to be together, apart.

About Cosentino Group
Cosentino Group is a global family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. The Group’s Middle East operations hub is the Cosentino City Dubai showroom in Dubai Design District (d3), catering to projects across the GCC.

About Meshary AlNassar
Kuwaiti Interior Architect & Designer Meshary AlNassar is a graduate of the American University in Dubai and founder of Kuwait based Studio Meshary AlNassar, a multi-disciplinary design firm focused on high-end residential & commercial projects across the GCC.