The engraving display will be done by Nicola Zanin CEO of Arte Veneziana.

He starts very young in the father’s factory to do it as an hobby with the time he became a certified Maestro of the Engraving art that he use often to cool down the business stress, in the engraving section of the factory a closed area to let concentrate on the art without destruction.

There are many things that a good engraver should take care of. It is important to acknowledge which grinding wheel is suitable for the level of detail that has to be achieved.

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About Archiade Atelier

ARCHIADE was established in 1988 by Emilio Dini Ciacci and his Italian Partners in Milan, the city of fashion, of art and design, place where the major Italian Design Studios are based and where once a year take place the most important furniture Exhibition “Salone del Mobile di Milano” moment when all the city smells art and design. Archiade has in its DNA “the Italian style” and is using it every day in every project as an “added value.

Almost thirty years of experience in Residential/Commercial Design and Furnishing, in Europe and The Middle East, allows us to design solutions that are tailor made to suit our client’s particular style. We propose all design components from furniture, light fittings, decorative items, overall finishes, right down to the choice of linen and cutlery.