Comptoir 102 to showcase intricate and contemporary design collaborations during Dubai Design Week 2020. Titled ‘Disrupt, the collection features a unique spin on paper clay and glass blow by renowned artists Paola Paronetto & Jochen Holz.

Comptoir 102 is proud to introduce to Dubai award-winning artists Paola Paronetto (paper clay) and Jochen Holz (glass blow). While the work of Paronetto and Holz is different in texture and form, both carry a fragile, poetic, somehow “imperfect” note to their work, with pieces that are designed for those who love to be surrounded with refined and exclusive objects.

Paola Paronetto is working mostly on paper clay. Her collections range from purely decorative objects, sometimes of notable size, to everyday objects and are designed for those who love to surround themselves with refined and exclusive objects, individual pieces which reveal both the artisan’s skill and the artist’s communicative intentions.

Jochen Holz is a glass artist whose innovative employment of lamp-working, a form of glassblowing used primarily to make scientific equipment, is re-purposing the technique in the design and art world. Indeed, whilst he has received training in scientific lamp-working, Holz has chosen to practice it creatively, a radical departure from its traditional usage which positions him as one of the only people working in his field in the UK.

About Comptoir 102

Launched in 2012 by Emma Sawko, Comptoir 102 established its legitimacy as one of the best concept stores in the city. The space has been conceived as a home and has become a favorite for healthy eating and a hidden treasure for discerning shoppers with its curated eclectic mix of fashion, jewelry, beauty, and furniture from around the globe. Earning its title of “House of Cool” with its L.A. vibes, the store is constantly evolving and changing décor. New arrivals, trunk shows and events, make each visit a special time with something new to discover. Selected brands, one-of-a-kind pieces, limited editions, artist collaborations and trunks-shows hosted by designers themselves, create the soulful spirit Comptoir 102 most notably embodies.