The Graphic Design Program at AUE organize the V International Design Conference (IDC) to explored the interaction between semiotics, visual metaphor and graphic design.

Semiotics provide a design framework for understanding, constructing and extracting meaning in graphic designs and how meaning and signs work within social and cultural contexts. Therefore, the introduction of semiotics on graphic design education and practice and the implementation of semiotics need to be analyzed and evaluated based on visual communication theory, professional practice and the new technological developments. The visual representations of metaphors in design work are constructed to attract attention and communicate messages with many meanings.

IDC provided information on communication and the study of signs for designers, artists and other visual communicators. Introduction of visual grammar structures in professional practice create meaning in different kinds of diagram, including mind maps, concept maps and networks. The impact of semiotics on graphic design curricula / practice were investigated to verify the adequacy of applying these theories to graphic design.

Leading Professionals and professors from UAE and from abroad were invited to contribute to IDC 2019 program. Keynote Speakers Prof. Evripides Zantidis (Cyprus), Prof. Irwan Harnoko (Indonesia) and Prof. Mukesh Patel (USA).

Free to attend.

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