Architects T SAKHI collaborated with performer and choreographer Jadd Tank to further activate the concept of the Abwab Lebanon pavilion in addressing the relationship between the body and the wall through its physical and psychological aspects.

Abwab Lebanon: WAL(L)TZ

The Beirut-based architecture and design studio responds to this year’s theme - learning - with an interactive wall portraying the socio-political barriers in our society through a psychological and physiological journey for its visitors. Learn more about WAL(L)TZ here.

About Jadd Tank

Jadd Tank’s passion for dance spans across 10 years of exploration in the boundless possibilities in which bodies, objects and events relate to each other: the spaces we create and the identities that spaces create for us. Raised by a Lebanese mother and Midwestern father in Dubai, Beirut and the US, his aesthetics are a delicate and bold melange - urgency, vulnerability, globalism and gesture - all brought together through a neo-nomadic lens.