How iGen’s educational experience impacted the workplace. An insight into Orangebox’s latest workplace research.

Building on Orangebox’s rich history of research, Smartlearning aimed to explore the world of higher education and understand the experience of iGen’s due to take over our workplaces and make a permanent shift. Orangebox’s Nathan Hurley explored 10 unique chapters that were due to fundamentally affect workplace and higher education in the next few years.

About Nathan Hurley

Nathan Hurley is a key member of Orangebox’s global research and insight team and has been for the last five years. Having worked at pioneering advertising agencies, Dare, Ogilvy & Mather and Identica, Nathan found a home in the brand strategy department at the latter. The opportunity to work closer to the world of workplace when his team were looking to transform the UK Britvic office.

This led him to cross paths with Orangebox who immediately commissioned Nathan to write a report on the changing workplaces of six key UK industries. After publishing and presenting to Orangebox’s European network, Nathan now heads up the Smartworking program both from a research intelligence and product management capacity.

The team has many objectives but are primarily focussed on understanding the changing nature of the office landscape - dissecting subjects such as workplace wellbeing, generational change and spatial design trends.

Nathan’s latest research project, ‘SmartLearning: How iGen’s educational experience will impact the contemporary workplace’, has taken him to explore the world of higher education globally and study closely the generational nuances of those we call iGen.

About Orangebox

Orangebox designs and manufactures innovative high quality collaborative furniture and acoustic pod systems globally. As a leading company in collaborative space furniture solutions in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America, their research extends globally into workplace trends, mobile technology and wireless wellbeing which allows them to create furniture that is adapted to the future.