In partnership was a landscaped installation shaded by local trees which acted both as a metaphorical nexus among all living species and as a access router - seamless blend of technology and natural elements.

Green Nexus was an installation providing the visitors with an experience that will be both informative and inspirational, thanks to a seamless blend of technology and natural elements.

The installation consisted of a landscape made by layers of wooden boards forming a dune shaded by local trees, acting both as a metaphorical nexus among all living species and as an access rooter to the contents of “Green Based Generations”, an international call for best practices, projects, products, researches, applications, initiatives and solutions adopting a nature-driven approach in tackling economic, social and environmental challenges including, but not limited to, climate change, water security, water pollution, food security, human health and disaster risk management.

Designed by Monica Mazzolani, Abdullah Ybrahim and Massimo Imparato.

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