A presentation as a part of 'Bringing Ideas to Light' - A full day conference by VRay and Sketchup showcasing the best in 3D visualization.

New approaches and technologies have been adopted without understanding how they should link together, often separate from the industry’s core offering. Yet, productivity is a very real challenge in our sector, and its only when we think about transformation holistically, as an ecosystem, and across the full lifecycle of an asset, will we be able to address it. And the key to that ecosystem is the digital twin. Technologies including VRAY, IoT, VR, Dynamo, and drones are methods by which data is either collected, analysed, or displayed. They’re enablers, which are most valuable when contributing to a bigger interconnected picture. Techniques like data analytics then make sense of the information. The final parts of the eco system are approaches such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Building Lifecycle Management BLM, that allow you to put your data to use. We are transforming into an industry that understands gaining value from your data - enables you to have a more dynamic relationship with you asset, and to drive better outcomes for your own clients. And the Digital Twin, which is the heart of that eco-system, will ultimately enable us all to be more productive.

About Violetta Madi

Violetta is an architect and a design manager in Atkins, with over 9 years of experience, Violetta has received her degree in Architecture from the University of Jordan, and since then she has worked with top architectural practices. Being skilled in creative problem solving and applying practical design strategies, she possesses proven ability to lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed upon high quality projects, within the given budget and time constraints. Her portfolio includes a variety of medium to large architectural projects within the MENA region and Russia; with focus on the retail and hospitality sectors. Being tech-savvy Violetta thrives to apply progressive technology in her projects and encourages her team to explore new tools and techniques to foster innovation and collaboration within Atkins and beyond.