A workshop educating designers on the power of creative writing and as a tool in the design and architecture sectors.

This workshop included a presentation by Wri.chi.tects where they examine the opportunities of using creative writing as a tool to gain a competitive advantage in the design and architecture sectors. Participants were provided with some creative writing techniques that helped give their designs an edge and were asked to write a short piece during the session. This workshop was for anyone interested in improving their creative writing skills.

About Wri.chi.tects

Wri.chi.tects was created with the aim of proving and improving the direct relation between architecture and writing. The team aspires to help architects become better storytellers and to portray their ideas using written media, not just through their visuals, enriching their project’s content. Wri.chi.tects was founded in 2018 by Yosr El Sherbiny, an Architect and a Serial Storyteller.