Live demonstrations of handmade jewelry which includes wax carving and silver filing hosted by the Jewel Teller.

Wax Carving and Metal-smith

Participants watched and learned how to hand-carve wax models from scratch, prepare it for casting and all procedures to reach the final look. Participants saw how to shape the wax, engrave and cut it using special jewel techniques.

Live demonstration conducted by Hayan Sheikh Othman

Silver Filing

Participants watched and learned the way of filing jewelry based on silver material techniques. They witnessed the changes that occur to the silver mold by removing the extra parts, sharpening the piece, cleaning it and preparing the finishing.

Live Demonstration conducted by Abdulrahman Sheikh Othman

About The Jewel Teller

The jewel teller is a fine jewellery local brand and a respected manufacturer to other local designers. Jewel Teller are equipped with the best jewellery making techniques in the region and specialize in custom pieces.