Visitors went deep behind the scenes of La Perle in this interactive experience where they were guided by an expert. Visitors received privileged access to the working and backstage areas that are usually closed to the public.

This interactive experience was led by one of our experts who guided visitors deep behind the scenes, giving them privileged access to our working and backstage areas that are usually closed to the public.

During the tour, they got the opportunity to listen to the stories about La Perle’s unique heritage and breathtaking design, while admiring the beautiful sculptures and artworks created exclusively for La Perle. They discovered hidden secrets behind all the backstage areas while learning more about the modern technologies used to deliver a magnificent experience.

Limited spaces. First come first serve or register at

Meeting point is the lobby of La Perle.

About La Perle

La Perle is Dubai’s #1 aqua show produced by cultural creative company Dragone, directed by the legendary Artistic Director, Franco Dragone and brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group. The first permanent show in the region, La Perle is a breathtaking fusion of artistic performance, creative imagery and ground-breaking technology. La Perle defines the future of global live entertainment, taking place in a tailor-made aqua theatre in the heart of Al Habtoor City.