AUD hosted a range of events including two exhibitions; 'celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus' and 'Algorithmic design'. A workshop in partnership with MAS paints guided participants to create a mural/graffiti under the theme of 'Tolerance'.

Workshop: The Colour of Tolerance with MAS Paints

The American University in Dubai, AUDesign_LAB American University in Dubai, Interior Design Department, in collaboration with MAS Paints, hosted the third edition of this unique Workshop during Dubai Design Week 2019. The attendees learnt about the main Special Paint products, uses, composition and techniques to realize special paints for Interior Design and they created murals/graffiti under the guidance of AUD faculty and MAS Team.

Workshop was led by Professor Annamaria Lambri with MAS Paints

Workshop was held on 12 November 2019 from 11am - 1pm.

Exhibition: Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus

The famous Bauhaus art school opened in Weimar in 1919. The architecture, art and design, that was created are still revered around the world to this day. To mark the centenary, students at the School of Architecture, Art and Design at AUD celebrate the birth of the Modernism movement by paying homage to the Bauhaus masters through the installation of 3d models.

Project was led by Professor Chadi El Tabbah

Location: AUD, School of Architecture, Art and Design. Building A, Floor 1

Exhibition: Algorithmic Design

The exhibition will explore how Parametric and Generative design are becoming more important, as new programming environments and scripting capabilities make it easier for designers to implement their ideas. Most generative design, in which the output could be images, sounds, or animation is based on algorithmic and parametric modelling. It is a fast method of exploring design possibilities that is used in various design fields such as, architecture, and product design.

Project was led by Professor Imad Hannah

Location: AUD, School of Architecture, Art and Design. Building A, Floor 1

About American University in Dubai and Interior Design Department

The Mission of the American University in Dubai is to serve as a culturally diverse learning community committed to the pursuit of knowledge through excellence in teaching and scholarly and creative endeavor, leading to students’ academic, personal and professional success, as well as the advancement of society.

Interior Design is a challenging and rewarding profession demanding exceptional creativity, collaboration and coordination, in the production of highly functional, aesthetically appealing interior spaces. It is also a profession where there are various tangents that one could pursue, and a solid foundation for many careers within the building and construction industry. A professional Interior Designer performs a variety of tasks and roles, all the while ensuring that the safety, health and wellbeing of the public is intact.

About MAS Paints

MAS Paints encapsulates elegance, style and a splash of creativity. The ambition to create textures and decorative effects with the power to transform walls into works of art. These values have enabled MAS to establish our brand as one of the top companies worldwide in the paint manufacturing industry, in both wood and decorative paints. The quality of our products are guaranteed thanks to the careful selection of high quality raw materials from Italy and Europe, experienced staff and cutting- edge technology.
We promote MAS locally and globally, while maintaining dynamic progression in the industry, embracing the highest standards and providing mutual co-operation between the manufacturer and our customers.