Participants met an incredible visionary who has been scenting spaces for over twenty-five years and learnt Scent Design techniques from the master herself, Tracy Pepe.

The Architecture of Scent was a hands-on workshop that allowed individuals to blend and work with the element’s of scent and colour understanding vibration in scent design. Combined with her custom scent pallet WhiffLoves™, Tracy led a workshop on custom blending techniques in scent design. Visitors encountered unique headspaces featuring artisan style blends that titillate the nose and awaken the imagination. Olfactory Art has never been so much fun!

As a Scent Designer her strategy is to empower the design enthusiast focusing on natural essential oils used with colour to support a more thoroughly enhanced visitor journey, enjoyment, health, and exploration. The workshop was open to everyone at all levels of expertise. Tracy comments. “My goal is to inspire as many individuals as I can on the power of scent. I truly hope patrons can have fun and experience the feelings and memories of home from a child’s perspective.”

Limited spots available - for registration please visit Re:Urban Studio,Official Venue Partner of Dubai Design Week, Re:Urban Studio will host a series of masterclasses and workshops led by members of the local and international design community.

About Tracy Pepe

Twenty five years of celebrating the positive use of scent, educating the creative community and transforming spaces, Tracy Pepe, Founder of Nose Knows Design has built a reputation of excellence in experiential design and the use of scent to affect human behaviour. Tracy’s collaborations with architects and interior designers are based on sensorial expansion - intertwining scent strategy and colour to create newly deepened ways of visitor sensation.