In the age of data, might we wear data? Visualizing Impact co-founder launches this conversation through a prototype in hand.

We wear our personality, we wear our culture, we wear our ethical stands. Visualizing Impact ventures into wearing data.

This is an invitation to a conversation lead by Visualizing Impact co-cofounder Joumana al Jabri with a guest, on venturing into the realm of wearables as a tool of communication of heavy data. This conversation is timed with the soft launch of a prototype of a Visualizing Palestine scarf holding the 500+ Palestinian villages depopulated in 1948 to be showcased in that session.

The data central to that prototype is based on Palestinian researcher Dr. Salman Abusitta’s work. Dr. Salman has spent a lifetime carefully sourcing that data through libraries in Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, the U.S., and at the UN.

About Visualizing Impact
Visualizing Impact, has broken new grounds in communication since its establishment in 2011. Its data-visualization work has received recognition within the disciplines of information design, arts, technology and media from international entities of which Information is Beautiful’s Kantar award, Ars Electronica and Deutsche Welle’s The Bob’s award. Its work has also been published in multiple publications including the 2017 edition of The Design of Dissent by Milton Glaser and Mirco Ilic.