A sustainability conference in partnership with MAS Paints and supported by Bee'ah.


People, Planet, Profits; Welcome Note by Massimo Imparato

1.45 – 2pm, Main Stage

1. Panel: Super Interaction - Interconnected Transports and Infrastructures
What large-scale mobility solutions can we predict for the next fifty years? How will drones affect airspace? What will be the impact of a massive diffusion of autonomous vehicles? The panel investigates new transportation strategies, and how they will contribute to shape the future of our cities and their relationship with nature and territory.
2 - 3pm, Main Stage

Moderated by Ivan Parati, Associate Editor ME, Compasses
Steven Velegrinis, Head of Masterplanning, AECOM MEA
Federico Parolotto, Senior Partner, MIC Mobility in Chain
Samantha Cotterell, Director Design and Overlay – Expo 2020

2. Panel: Society in Motion - Communities, Resilience, Place
This panel discusses how to enable community-development and how communities can be fortified, it will recognize the elements that contribute to creating a sense of belonging, and to how to re-imagine architectures role as a tool to express local and cultural identity.
3 - 4pm, Main Stage

Moderated by Massimo Imparato, Curator, UAE Modern
Mario Cucinella, Curator, Padiglione Italia, Biennale di Venezia
Khaled Alawadi, Curator, UAE Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia
Hala Younes, Curator, Lebanese Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia

4 – 5pm BREAK meet the drivers of change. Informal meetup with the programme’s contributors

3. Workshop: MASLab - Pop-up Paint Factory
4 - 6pm, Making Space

4. Audi Innovation Talk: Jarvis Liu, CTO Miniwiz
5 - 6pm, Audi Innovation Hub

5. Keynote by Adrian Lahoud, Dean of the School of Architecture, RCA & Curator of Sharjah Architectural Triennial
5 – 6pm, Main Stage

In his keynote, Adrian will discuss the challenges related to the overcoming stereotypes about the region from the Western standpoint, and will emphasise the importance of shifting the lense from individual rights to collective rights when viewing architecture from the perspective of future generations.

6. Panel: Architectural Education - From the Future’s Perspective
How will architectural education adapt to incorporate the hyperevolution of cities, and will students be taught to predict the future or define it?
6 - 7pm, Main Stage

Moderated by Costantin Victor Spiridonidis, Canadian University Dubai
George Katodrytis, Head of the Department of Architecture, AUS
Adrian Lahoud, Dean, School of Architecture, RCA
Laura Lee, Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University

7. Panel: Circular Economies - Adoption and Adaptation
A discussion on the transition from linear to circular economies as meaning more than the reduction of negative impacts on the environment, but rather the focus on generating new business opportunities for small and large operators based on systems that build societal resilience.
7 – 8pm, Main Stage

Moderated by Chuloh Jung, Director, Ajman University Innovation Center
Jarvis Liu, co- founder and CTO at Miniwiz
Hashem Stietiya, Head of Environmental Consulting, Bee’ah
Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson at Emirates Environmental Group


8. People Planet Profits presents a PechaKuchaNight by Alserkal Avenue
Curated by Monica Mazzolani for UAE Modern on the theme “Make it New”
6 – 7.30pm, Alserkal Avenue

About UAE Modern
UAE Modern gathers local and international experts to share experiences and exchange knowledge on design innovation for sustainable environments. UAE MODERN and Dubai Design Week present People Planet Profits, a sustainability conference in partnership with MAS Paints and supported by Bee'ah, the Embassy of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, the Consulate General of Italy Dubai and Italian Trade Agency.