The Audi Innovation Talks is a daily programme of conversations with experts exploring the future potential of technology and innovation.

Jarvis is the CTO and Co-founder of Miniwiz. He has dedicated to upcycling technology which turning post-consumer waste into innovative products and materials on different applications and helps to accelerate the shift to a closed-loop economy. Today, under Jarvis’s supervision, Miniwiz has successfully secured some of our most valuable patents for Miniwiz’s unique post-consumer materials innovately using over 1300 materials made from trash.

Miniwiz exists to make the circular economy a reality in everyday consumption by turning the recycled material into high-performance applications. In applying circular economy design and engineering principles to post-consumer plastic waste, packaging waste, food waste, and electronic waste, Miniwiz creates high-value raw materials, turnkey architecture and interiors, building modules, consumer goods, and luxury performance fabrics.

The great enabler of its goals is its ability to demonstrate the financial feasibility of environmentally serving technologies, which often outcompete less sustainable technologies. Miniwiz is based in Taipei with subsidiaries in the Berlin, Milan, and Beijing.

Free to attend and no registration required.

The programme reflects Audi’s commitment to informing and empowering the regional design community, through a free-to-attend talk series. The talks provide experts with an intimate setting to engage with audiences in direct q&a and are hosted every evening throughout Dubai Design Week within the Audi Innovation Hub; a unique space by Audi Middle East, dedicated to innovation and designed by Middle East Architecture Network (MEAN*).