In what is their third collaboration, FBMI & Roudha Alshamsi reinterpret traditional crafts and heritage through contemporary design in various forms.

The Mesh is a simple shelter design created using crafts such as weaving and carpet-making to construct shaded spaces that function as a recreational outdoor spaces able to accommodate hammocks, swings, seating as well as occasional events and shows.

Commissioned by d3 as part of the Design For Good initiative, the design derives its aesthetics from the traditional yurt found in Afghanistan. With its circular base and deconstructed rafters, these outdoor spaces serve both as functional areas as well as points of attraction within the vibrant d3 community.

The overall project consists of a larger central structure and two smaller structures. They are scattered around d3 with interchanging purposes: hand-crafted hammocks made from FBMI rugs and traditional floor seating allow rest and relaxation and the congregational facilities open up a public platform for events and showcases.

The Mesh structures are a metaphor for the city of Dubai as an interlocking base for different cultures. In each piece two design fields, carpet design and interior design, come together to create a woven shade. A metal mesh is welded within the negative space between metal rafters and a shade is created through woven yarn to distinct patterns and motifs found in traditional carpets. The shades are hand-woven by FBMI artisans.

The Centural Mesh, the largest of the 3 shading structures will be activated throughout the week with a tea tasting event. Newby Teas will celebrate the craft of fine teas through a marvelous display of their luxurious and high-quality teas in a traditional Afghan Tea ceremony with bespoke carpet designs showcased in authentic style inside a dynamic tent designed by FBMI. Layered in exquisite carpets with a timeless Afghan tea majlis and first-class service, the tent will feature daily complimentary tea tasting for design week visitors and an exclusive tea master class. The master class will be available at 1:00PM, 4:00PM and 6:30PM with limited availability of 6 people per session.

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About FBMI
Established in 2010, the Fatima bint Mohamed bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI) is an innovative social enterprise that harnesses the traditional skills of the Afghan people to produce beautiful hand knotted carpets, embroidered furniture and local handicraft at fair market wages. FBMI products are marketed and sold internationally. To date FBMI has employed over 4,000 Afghans – 70% of which are women, 35% of which are widows – at its facilities and provided each of them and their families with free access to healthcare services.

About Roudha Alshamsi
Roudha Alshamsi is a designer with an artistic identity. Her artistic beginnings influenced her approach to design and after joining the design field, she became more interested in modern, contemporary and futuristic art as reflected in her later works. Not only does she aim to design contemporary spaces, but also, she seeks to alter spaces to successfully deliver defined emotional states and convey articulate design concepts.