For one of the first exhibitions to be held at Posh Village, JMC Lutherie from the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland showcases the Soundboard, a loudspeaker made of tonewood.

When master-luthier Jeanmichel Capt. Lutherie set out to craft the Soundboard speaker, he turned to 80-year-old craftsman Lorenzo Pellegrini to pick out one particular spruce tree from a forest. He chose one which was 40 metres tall and 350 years old for its resonance qualities as it would form the membrane for the loudspeaker. Visitors will be able to take a moment to allow the noise of the city to stand still and experience a playlist of music chosen exclusively for Dubai Design Week through the Soundboard.

The event will be a walk-in concert with seats by La Seggiola and visitors can experience the music played through the soundboard.

About Posh Village
Posh Village stands for Perceptions of Style and Harmony, and each experience hosted in its d3 space is just that. From joint exhibitions showcasing artisans crafting bespoke handmade products, to one-off, single brand events displaying rare and intricately designed items, Posh Village is a place of discovery and wonder.