Hands weaves luxury carpets and rugs for some of the world’s most prestigious palaces, hotels, institutions and residences.

Hands carpet collections are aligned to the world of fashion - recognition that soft furnishings today determine the stylistic character of a home. This heralds a new wave of stylistics for home interiors, giving homeowners the opportunity to infuse their decor with new life each season, or whenever desired.

Hands carpets are crafted using the finest New Zealand wool which is known for its superior quality and the flexibility that it allows in design, colour and pattern. This is why a Hands carpet can keep for generations.

A Hands carpet is created with care, passion and ‘design emotion’- to not just beautify a space, but to stir the soul. The Hands design philosophy is about creating tactile art that inspires joy, experienced through the unique qualities of fine materials, and a mastery of design and skill. Hands also offers bespoke services, enabling one to own a carpet that’s completely made to order, from design to size and form.

About Hands Carpets
Hands is a purveyor of fine hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets, designing and crafting carpets for premium and luxury homes and projects across the world. As the name suggests, all carpets are crafted by hand, with an expertise that spans almost every weave type, and at fully integrated carpetmaking facilities.

Hands has a legacy that dates back to 1881 when the company was founded by an Englishman by the name of A.Tellery. Over the years, the label has charted many a milestone. In 1999, Hands created the world’s finest hand-knotted carpet, with an incredible 4900 knots per square inch, and for which a commendation was received from the President of India. Esteemed projects across the globe include the Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Dubai, the Armani Hotel in the Burj Dubai, the MGM Grand Casino in Macau, St. Regis Mumbai and many more.