A master class in urban sketching for all skill levels bought to you by Urban Sketchers Dubai.

This workshop explains the technique of ‘catching air’, a skill that renaissance artists worked hard to master. Sketchers of any skill level will be taught the basic principles, from adding depth to any image; working with tonal values across distance; capturing silhouettes of built forms and people through line thickness; using detail to indicate depth; and working with perspective and faux perspective. They will be shown how to use clever composition to add life and activity through framing, flatten out the sky and use large masses of tone.

All ages and drop ins are welcome.

Free entry. RSVP to urbansketchersdubai@gmail.com

About Urban Sketchers Dubai
Urban Sketchers Dubai is an official chapter of the International Urban Sketchers Organisation. Founded in January 2015, the group has covered more than 180 locations across Dubai. Over 250 sketchers of various nationalities, age groups, and backgrounds have joined the group which meets every Friday between 4pm and 6pm at a pre-arranged spot. Sketches are shared on Instagram and Facebook. All skill levels are welcome to join.