Emirati-designer Reema Almheiri and Saudi-designer Lujain Alatiq, are the winning duo presenting an innovative and modular retail unit responding to the theme for Urban Commissions 2020 supported by A.R.M. Holding.

‘Basta,’ the winning project was selected for its unique design and functional aesthetics to be fully manufactured in the UAE. Reema and Lujain drew inspiration from traditional communal markets and created a modular unit that functions individually or as part of an ensemble housing stores and workshop spaces. The unit can be adapted to the needs of retailers while allowing for efficient display.

Reema Almheiri said, “Young aspiring designers in the region now have the opportunity to shape and improve the design scene by producing regionally inspired concepts.”

“This opportunity has allowed us to contribute to our region by promoting socially aware, modular, and compactable designs. We are grateful to work alongside a remarkable team of creatives,” added Lujain Alatiq.

A jury of experts comprising creative directors from A.R.M. Holding and Art Dubai Group shortlisted ‘Basta’ along with seven other finalists among 62 submissions. The winning project was selected for its innovative, adaptable and cost-efficient modular design that uses sustainable materials and allows for easy storage, all the while evoking the subtleties of a traditional outdoor market. ‘Basta’ is now being developed with support and funding from A.R.M. Holding for display at the Dubai Design Week Marketplace taking place 13 – 14 November.

Mohammad Al-Shehhi, CEO of A.R.M. Holding said: "We contribute to Dubai’s growth and prosperity by enriching its communities and supporting social, creative and entrepreneurial endeavours such as Urban Commissions. We are committed to empowering inventiveness in our youth and we seek to inspire and support them in transforming their unique ideas into reality. The objectives of Urban Commissions are aligned with our own overarching aim of cultivating local human capital. We congratulate the winners and commend all the participants for their ingenuity and determination to seek solutions to everyday problems.”

Urban Commissions is supported by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (DCAA) and Dubai Design District (d3).