Dubai Design Week announces a specially curated exhibition- Design in the Metaverse powered by MetaDecrypt - exploring how metaverse technology is pushing the boundaries of design.

Visitors will have a truly immersive experience curated by Dubai-based MetaDecrypt, a leading blockchain growth and transformation platform. The company, which provides solutions for blockchain and metaverse projects across the globe, will explore how Metaverse technology is now pushing the boundaries of design and redefining what constitutes an immersive experience.

MetaDecrypt is bringing leading designers to exhibit and interact with guests in an exhibition that promises to be inspirational and interactive.

“We will break down all things in metaverse design: the biggest growth areas, design techniques, tools, and necessary skills being used to develop and build products across Blockchain, NFTS, digital assets, AR and VR technology, Virtual Worlds, Digital Twins and Immersive Organization,” explains Richa Patil, Founder and CEO of MetaDecrypt.

Patil started MetaDecrypt with her mother, Tina Patil, who is the company’s chairperson, investor and visionary. While the development team is in Bangalore, India, the core high-performance team is in Dubai, UAE. The company consults organizations and individuals closely in three domains: Blockchain via strategy and technology development; metaverse: strategy, design and development; growth of Web3, NFTs and Metaverse projects by concluding workshops, hackathons and in-person events.

“From a designer’s point of view, the metaverse unlocks the full potential of creativity, with limitless possibilities and experiences that could only be dreamt of until now,” she added. “Through the metaverse, the boundaries between the virtual and real-world disappear and this is truly inspiring and also creative because now there is a blank canvas with endless possibilities for mankind to explore and create.”

Patil points out that with the metaverse mankind is in the same stage as it was 20 years ago with the internet. “People didn’t see the long-term benefits of the Internet back then; now it is the same with the metaverse and we want to change that,” she says.

Highlights being shown at the Design in the Metaverse exhibition include works by four to five industries, including architecture, fashion, real estate and immersive experiences in gaming in a sleekly designed exhibition area so that attendees and physically and mentally explore the metaverse.