Each year, Audi Innovation Award is inspired by different elements of the Audi brand. ‘Simplification,’ this year’s theme, was rooted in personal freedom, one of Audi’s brand values. For its innovation simplifying the seasoning process, Pincher’s designer Twelve Degrees will receive $20,000 in consulting services to develop the product. a dispenser to mimic the amount released from between human fingertips, so users can literally add a “pinch” of seasoning while cooking.

The three projects that were shortlisted:

BENTOS - Ahmad Alameh & Hadi Nassar

A super polymer using nanotechnology to hold heavy weight, BENTOS’ innovation is in the cuts applied to the textile, allowing it to become rigid when bent and flexible when contracted. The cut pattern is applied to slits in the textile acting as stoppers when pressed into a particular angle. The resulting material can be used in various applications on the body to support movement, prevent over-extension, and bear weight — ideal for athletes, elderly, the injured, craftsmen and builders.

Di_Wrapp - Omar El-Dimassi

This patented digital skin for the automotive industry adheres to the surface of any vehicle body and can be transformed through the use of a mobile app. This interface serves as a billboard for advertising, alerts, general information or personal customization. Given the number of vehicle surfaces in our urban environment, this opens up a new horizon in communication.

Pincher - Twelve Degrees

Pincher is the physical interpretation of the phrase, “a pinch of salt”. Rather than shaking salt and pepper out of a dispenser, the process has been represented through the motion of pinching a lightweight silicon device whereby the opening of the nozzle is precisely the amount that would be released from between your own fingertips. This allows the user to control the flow of seasoning for a simpler and more intuitive user experience.

The panel of judges grew in 2019 to 10 experts led by Hani Asfour, Dean of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, with the addition of Dr.Carlos Montana. As a professional designer, Montana has worked with numerous companies designing furniture, lighting, ceramic products, electric appliances, exhibitions, jewellery and graphics.

In addition to the $25,000 worth of consultancy, the winner received a trip to the Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Carsten Bender, Managing Director of Audi Middle East, commented; “The Audi Innovation Award has grown in popularity and stature since its launch in 2016 and we have been fascinated to see the progress of our first three winners in the region. The Audi brand represents progressiveness and stylish design so this award perfectly resonates with our passion to inspire a new generation of designers for the future here in the Middle East.”