Keynotes set to inspire this Dubai Design Week

Be sure to come early and grab a seat on November 13th to join Sultan Sooud Al Qasemi in conversation with the first keynote speaker, Sir David Adjaye, one of the world’s most influential architects and designers. The conversation will begin by asking about the process in which Sir David approaches the projects he is commissioned to design; who does he communicate with beyond the client, what are his sources of inspiration on topics, and how he approaches sites and the creative process of first imagining his buildings.

Dutch Design Center will be presenting a talk the next day by top Dutch designers Laura Taylor, Thom Aussems, and Stefan de Koning. With their experiences in product designing, urban planning, and architectural design, they will discuss transformation in design; the human-centered and interdisciplinary processes that seek to achieve sustainable changes in behavior of individuals, buildings, and cities.

As part of the UAE Modern conference on November 15th, Mario Cucinella will be discussing how to sustain conservation. A global leader in sustainable practices, ranging from individual residences to urban master plans, Mario has been bestowed the prestigious International Fellowship by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), amongst many other honors.

 Want to think out of the box, set new guidelines, and embrace the pioneer in you? Gain invaluable inspiration and advice from a finalist for the European Inventor Award 2017 in the Lifetime Achievement Category, On 17th November, The Embassy of Switzerland will present a talk by Elmar Mock, Swiss watchmaker and founder of Creaholic. A professional inventor and entrepreneur with 40 years of international experience, he explains how to become a serial innovator.  

 Also on November 17th, chief design officer of PepsiCo, Mauro Porcini, will be presenting how design and design thinking is vital to any innovation and growth agenda. Mauro will explore how designers are working side-by-side within businesses to delight audiences and consumers by creating incredible experiences, sharing amazing stories and engaging them in exciting ways.

 If you are a student aspiring to have a career in design, be sure to mark 18th November on your calendars. Sass Brown, Founding Dean of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI), fashion designer, researcher, and writer, will discuss the diversity in design careers and explain how to best prepare for the rise in demand for designers in the region.