Announcing Global Grad Show 2016

Today, Dubai Design Week announces the 2016 lineup for the acclaimed Global Grad Show, the globally unique exhibition of innovation, inventions and technology that will transform our future, all showcased by the world’s next generation of design talent.

With 135 projects from 51 of the leading universities in 30 countries on six continents, Global Grad Show is the largest and most diverse gathering of designers ever to take place and will offer unparalleled insight into the visions of the designers of the future, and a glimpse into our world as it might be tomorrow.

Curated by Brendan McGetrickthe 135 projects this year will explore universal themes of health, construction, home, work, memory and play. From a  system of collapsible hydroponic farms that grow food in empty shipping containers, to a touch-based music therapy platform for Autistic children, these works all address under-served populations and demonstrate new ways of thinking.

New this year is the 'Creativity Forum,' a three-day programme where students and academics are invited to participate in workshops, panel discussions and lectures lead by experts in the fields of patent laws, fundraising and professional development. 

Projects that will be featured at this year's Global Grad Show include:

Algae Harvester: An algae-eating drone that cleans the water and refuel itself with biofuel produced by the picked up algae. Designed by Fredrik Ausinsch of Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden. 

Bottlelight: A combination water purifier and camping light. Designed by Christoph Kuppert, University of Wuppertal, Germany.

Synchrony: A touch-based music therapy platform designed for Autistic children. Designed by Kenneth Tay, ArtCenter College of Design, United States.

Wearable Shelter: A sleeping bag-coat that converts from a jacket with large storage pockets into a sleeping bag and also a tent. Designed by Anne-Sophie Geay and Gabrielle Geagea of Royal College of Arts, London

Flat World: A set of maps designed to reveal that arbitrary nature of political borders. Designed by Yosra Gamal, German University in Cairo, Egypt.

Launched in October 2015 during Dubai Design Week, the first Global Grad show welcomed over 23,000 visitors, received worldwide critical acclaim and is now an annual event that will travel around the Middle East and beyond.

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