What if the world becomes engulfed by its waste?

Will we continue to maintain the waste disposal practices we have now? What impact will demolition and construction have on our reality and will they continue to be a part of a new hybrid world?

As a result of increasing population, urbanisation, and demand for housing, the construction industry is booming around the world, and in 2012 just 40 countries brought approximately three billion tonnes of waste.

The installation is an impacting social provocation that suspends the enormous “weight” of responsibility for the future on people’s heads. By cascading demolished materials in their raw state and bringing waste into immediate proximity Quartz questions the solution of repurposing waste, with a strong focus on materiality. Inviting you to “walk-under-the-inverted-wave” and rethink and redesign your surroundings, the installation will investigate the condition of different materials post-architectural construction process.

All construction waste for the installation was donated by Dulsco, which provides recycling solutions in the UAE for construction and demolition waste. They also shared their vast experience and knowledge about the process and possibilities of recycling construction waste. A collaboration between Huda Lighting and Barcelona-based Vibia provided architectural lighting for the installation, while WeBrand produced reflective flooring to convey the right message.