This year’s programming will also include the third edition of the d3 Architecture Exhibition.

The exhibition showcases a collection of eight architectural works that demonstrate that the innovation of sustainable materials and design combined have a positive impact on the environment. International and regional architecture firms sit alongside one another, demonstrating a united vision in sustainability.

Installations included in the exhibition:

  1. ‘Once Upon A Forest’, OBMI
  2. The Musical Ring’,Sharabassy Built Environment Studio (d3 tenant)
  3. ‘From the Dunes & Trees’, ARDH Collective
  4. ‘KIN’, FADAA Space
  5. ‘How much does your debris weight?’, Quartz
  6. ‘Al Gargoor’, Sara Alrayyes
  7. Palm Renaissance’, Shema John, Murgan A
  8. ’Dewan Metaverse Dome’, Dewan Architects (d3 tenant)