Dubai Design Week will host a new UAE Designer Exhibition showcasing the works of locally based talent and home-grown design.

The exhibition will focus on emerging designers who submitted proposals to present their work in a collective exhibition at this year’s edition of Dubai Design Week. The curated exhibition will present an aspiring generation of talents with promising ideas. Various design disciplines will be recognised including furniture pieces, lighting design objects, innovative accessories, jewellery and others.

Participants with works on display in the UAE Designer Exhibition will include Yara Habib, Leen Kahaleh, Omar Almourad, Tanvi Malik, Dana Amro, Eman Shafiq, Abdhul Hazeeb HZB, Tamara Barrage, Rimsha Kidwai, Mohamed Rowaizak, Mohammed Alsuwaidi, Michael Rice and more.

The exhibition will be a key part of the 2020 programme at Dubai Design District (d3), offering designers a platform to enhance and help kickstart their projects whilst expanding and strengthening their audience base and professional network.