How experiences are created, memories and emotions are harvested and magic is made through design.

The talk analysed how someone feels when they walk into a restaurant; it is what they talked about when they reminisce about that time they visited that amazing bar; it’s walking through a food hall in a department store; a hotel; a lobby lounge –- there is an emotional connection, something quite intangible – just a feeling of being inspired by going on a journey. Through expressive experiences and brilliant storytelling, it is a designer's job to create the ‘magic’. Gorgeous Group works at forming this magic dust all over the world - working with hoteliers, owners, operators, brands, architects, designers and entrepreneurs. Hear about a few examples of brilliant emotional storytelling, and some things that they feel are important when creating that little bit of magic.

About Robbie Bargh, Founder and Director, Gorgeous Group

Robbie is the Founder and Chief Storyteller at Gorgeous Group.
He is an Experience Guru at eating, drinking and merrymaking and aims at consolidating the business of pleasure with the business of providing it and inventor of the Next Big Thing when it comes to experience. He is cued to industry paradigm shifts and endeavors for business and hospitality to provide 'What you want, as you want it, before you want it'. His projects over the last 15 years include Michelin Star restaurants, five-star chain and stand-alone hotels, boutique hotels, high street chains.