OliOli® will be offering two activities where children will be able to create colourful art with a drawing robot, and monumental structures through engineering concepts.

Tinker and Create with the whole family at OliOli®'s Tinkerspace. Discover the limitless creative potential when you re-imagine what you can make out of simple everyday materials. The two activities on offer are Scribble Bots: making colourful art with the world's simplest drawing robot; and Sticks and Bands: where kids can create monumental sized structures while playing with mathematical and engineering concepts.

About OliOli®

OliOli® is focused on hands-on activities that nurture curiosity, imagination and exploration, with eight fun-filled galleries and over 40 interactive exhibits spread over two floors. Each space has been lovingly designed with fascinating art and innovative equipment, all inspired by ideas from leading global educators, development psychologists, artists and fabricators. OliOli®, shares the belief of Dr. Stuart Brown that “nothing lights up the brain like play”, and has created a space that encourages children to use their hands, engage in wholesome open-ended play, experiment, take risks, make mistakes without being wrong and gain fascination with STEAM.