Sitting within Downtown Editions, this informative exhibition featured the works of designers and experts based in the Middle-East, creating awareness on the different components and stakeholders that constitute the ecosystem behind a design industry. Curated by Dubai Design Week’s Guest Curator Ghassan Salameh, “MADAR” highlighted the various stages of starting a design business, initiating a sharing platform to exchange design-related knowledge.

This interactive exhibition/project presented insights into the state of design in the region, mapping out creative activity from Beirut, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, KSA and the U.A.E whilst offering an overview on the opportunities available for designers. By approaching thematics related to craft preservation by innovative production techniques, material innovation by upcycling and recycling waste materials, and reducing manufacturing waste with digital fabrication technologies, attention was drawn to the ways in which these approaches to design empower creatives by offering them options across the large design spectrum and allowing them to experiment, innovate and partake in designing for impact and positive change.

d3 exists as a platform to support and promote talent from across the region; empowering and enabling design entrepreneurship is central to the development of d3 and is an important cornerstone of the organisation. Bringing a focus on designers in the region and the design industry as a whole further affirms d3’s part in building the creative ecosystem, as well as supporting the wider objectives of the emirate of Dubai, thereby reinforcing the city as a leading global design and creative destination.
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