Ethan&Co x Praxis Education gave a quick introduction to 3D Design and Printing.

The 3D activity themes revolved around sustainable design with an emphasis on biomimicry and the synergies between nature and design. At any given time, participants were able to undertake a quick 3D design and leave with a 3D print or join for a 60 minute educational session.

About Ethan&Co

Ethan&Co is an innovation consultancy that designs and activates both physical and digital classless spaces drawing on inspiration and ideas from real kids and their awesome adventures, natural curiosity and creativity. Using design technologies and innovative approaches we work with educators, government and parents to implement strategies and tools that have a direct impact on a child's personalized creative development in order to prepare them for 21st century skills.

About Praxis Education

Praxis Education through their portfolio schools and training programs provide high-standard education to institutions with a compassionate, ethical outlook focused on eco-literacy, sustainability and environmental justice. This vision is embedded through project-based and experiential learning, where children plan, collaborate, reflect and make meaningful changes to the world around them in a fully inclusive and supportive environment.