An in-depth workshop into designing a successful crowdsourcing platform as a part of Sharing or Platform Economy.

With the advent of Uber sourcing rides and Airbnb sourcing rooms, we are in the age of the Crowdsourcing Platform or the Sharing Economy. Today, millions of people leverage these platforms to make a living and to request work. The plethora of platforms leads to the question : how do we design such a platform so that it becomes successful?

The goal was that by the end of this interactive workshop, participants will get to know some guidelines for designing successful crowdsourcing platforms. The workshop was conducted with the help of a deck of cards and a set of playful exercises specifically designed for the workshop.

Re:Urban Studio will host a series of masterclasses and workshops led by members of the local and international design community.

About Dr. Javed Vassilis Khan

Dr. Javed Vassilis Khan is an assistant professor at the Industrial Design Department of Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands. He has previously worked as researcher in Philips and Vodafone. Additionally, he is a co-founder of