A series of vignettes displayed in sequence to form a circular succession transporting visitors on multiple journeys with overlaid soundscapes.

Amman is synonymous with the ‘duwar’, roundabout in Arabic, eight of which function as urban landmarks. Aside from its role in urban settings, duwar is a representation of a continuous circular motion of successive events that are always alternating between chaos and order. Offering a glimpse into the multi-faceted city, the Amman Pavilion sources soundscapes from various streets in the city capturing the dynamic narratives of the city’s diverse residents to communicate nuances of the city’s urban fabric.

duwar fuses impressions of people and place through a series of vignettes. Through the intricate use of intangible media of sound and light, photographic stills are displayed in sequence to form a circular succession of visuals transporting visitors on multiple journeys. The visuals are treated with new techniques developed by experimenting with digital fabrication, and are synchronised with layers of spatial sound to craft a unique experiential environment, heightened by the auditory sense.

Design Team: Hashem Joucka & Basel Naouri
Supported by Crown Prince Foundation and TechWorks

Hashem Joucka
is a multidisciplinary designer, digital fabrication expert and material researcher based in Amman/Jordan. He earned his Master’s degree from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), where his research focused on incorporating art, technology and science hybrids to create sustainable, interactive environments. In 2014, Joucka completed his diploma at the Fab Academy, an outreach program from MIT’s Center of Bits and Atoms. His creations mainly focus on highlighting the beauty of science and technology

Basel Naouri is a Jordanian architect, musician and designer based in Berlin, where he is currently furthering his research on the cross-section between architecture and sound through an MA in Media Spaces at UE-A&D. Basel works with diverse media to design immersive audiovisual experiences and exhibitions. In addition to his audiovisual installations, Basel works with diverse media to actualise architectural, interior and exhibition design projects. Most recently, he held the position of Head of Exhibition Design at the Jordan Children’s Museum. He is a a co-founding member of the electronic music duo Arabs with Synthesizers.

About Abwab
Translated as ‘doors’ in Arabic, Abwab is an exhibition, architectural installation and a highlight of Dubai Design Week. It's the only initiative of its kind to offer a platform for design talent from across the Middle East.

For the fourth edition, located at the centre of Dubai Design District (d3), Abwab will host a collection of design experiences drawn from five communities in the Middle East. Two designers are invited from each place to collaborate and produce works situated in dedicated pavilions related to the theme: ‘Between the Lines’.