Translated as ‘doors’ in Arabic, Abwab is an exhibition, architectural installation and a highlight of Dubai Design Week. It's the only initiative of its kind to offer a platform for design talent from across the Middle East.

Acting as a snapshot of design activity in the region, Abwab is re-modeled annually, responding to new blends of designers and an evolving creative landscape.

For the fourth edition, located at the centre of Dubai Design District (d3), Abwab will host a collection of design experiences drawn from five communities in the Middle East; Amman, Beirut, Dubai, Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia (supported by Ithra) and Kuwait City. Two designers are invited from each place to collaborate and produce works situated in dedicated pavilions related to the theme: ‘Between the Lines’. These lines are physical and metaphorical, lines of territory, topography, the implied, and those in drawings or text.

For generations, the tradition of storytelling in the region has been an impactful medium of cultural expression and endurance. Visitors will experience storytelling as an instrument to reveal and conceal by navigating the five pavilions hosting the regional exhibits, all designed by UAE-based architects in an act to represent Dubai as a home for the region’s most talented designers. The 2018 pavilions are created by Architecture + Other things.

For more information contact either Creative Director, Rawan Kashkoush or Content & Programme Manager, Maya Merhi