Istanbul-based MAS Architecture Studio will be constructing an installation titled “Barjeel” for this edition of Dubai Design Week, inspired by the traditional wind towers of the Gulf.

Historically, the wind towers were a common architectural element of small houses and villas in the region, performing as non-electrical air-conditioners. Their function was to catch and direct cooler breeze into the house below it, circulating the hotter air to the top of the structure.

As imagined by MAS, the six metre-tall “Barjeel” will be produced from layers of reclaimed cardboard, forming a windcatcher that funnels cool air to the area below. Embedded into the layers will be sheets of brushed aluminium to ensure stability, as well as LED strips which will illuminate at night. As a reference to the simple geometric forms used widely in Islamic architecture, “Barjeel” will transform from a circle at the base to a square on the top.

The resulting space is a three-dimensional form which harnesses passive ventilation and has maximum exposure to natural light, creating a place of rest and contemplation for visitors.

Kerim Miskavi, Founder and Design Lead of MAS said: “By using readily available, recyclable materials that would otherwise be thrown away, we hope to draw attention to how we can all design responsibly, with sustainability and functionality in mind. We are also paying homage to regional traditions in our interpretation of the wind tower, creating a space where people can relax while interacting with the piece”

“Barjeel” by MAS Architecture Studio will show at Dubai Design Week from 11-16 November.