The winning project of Global Grad Show’s annual ICD Progress Prize was announced as Poleno, a silent drone that helps the process of rebuilding damaged ecosystems by stimulating pollination.

Designed by Laura Cragnolini and Juan Jose Martinez Guerrero from Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, Poleno is a traveling device that mimics the purpose of a flower, attracting insects through its bright colours and built-in light. The insects then pass through its perforated walls, picking up pollen particles and dispersing them throughout the area. The drone then travels to another sector, taking some of the pollinating insects with it, helping to spread different types of pollen further afield.

The honorable mention projects included Safe Cooking, ProFind , Spectrum Lab, Flohaler and WeGlo.

The ICD Progress Prize celebrates the next generation of innovators and their commitment to finding solutions for social and environmental issues, enabling them to further develop the project presented at Global Grad Show.