Gallery Collectional, Dubai’s first permanent collectible design gallery and digital design platform, has opened its doors within the city’s Eden House complex, alongside an inaugural showcase, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’.

Led by creative director Catalina Ruiz Urquiola and developed by luxury developer H&H, the gallery offers both curated pieces and an opportunity for customers to connect with designers and manufacturers on bespoke projects. For the ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, curated by Urquiola herself, iconic works by renowned design houses are juxtaposed with commissioned and exclusive works by individual designers.

Central to the exhibition is Sabine Marcelis’ new collection ‘Mirage’, which was inspired by Dubai and commissioned exclusively for the gallery. Whilst it’s a continuation of Sabine’s exploration into colour and light, it’s the first time Marcelis worked with light within mirror design.

The two mirrors and table that make up the collection represent the essence of Dubai as reflected through glass and light, inspired by the unique warm colours of the sun in the desert and the duality of the city during the day and night.

The collection joins other works by emerging and established designers from around the world, including Michael Anastassiades, Dimoremilano, CC Tapis, Ewe Studio, Kooij, and Alexander Lamont, who are contributing both exclusive and limited-edition pieces.