After studying interior design at the American University in Dubai, Meshary AlNassar returned to Kuwait, his home and launched his eponymous design studio ‘Studio Meshary AlNassar’ in 2018.

Based in and working out of Kuwait, Studio Meshary Alnassar creates one-of-a-kind living spaces with a vintage and unique touch with the inspiration from Danish designers and conscious minimalism. Evident throughout his design portfolio already comprising of a variety of projects, from chic boutiques to a sleek beauty clinic and an upscale private residence.

His debut product collection, 410, presented three sculptural lighting pieces inspired by trees at his childhood home, but hewn from Italian stone and made in Puglia. Meshary had collaborated with a workshop in Puglia, Italy to launch his first-ever capsule collection of designs for Downtown Design as part of Dubai Design Week 2019 - which included centuries-old mineral formations, stone-carved floor lamps inspired by the combination of nature and its impact on the designer's childhood, a journey of form and function.

The collection presented three stone sculptures named after their respective inspirations: ‘Radici’, from the roots of plants that prolong above the earth and stand tall to blend into spaces; ‘Tramonto’, inspired by warm sunlight setting on the horizon; and ‘Ulivo’, which takes its shape from the tenderness of an olive tree, and represents a reflection on peace and abundance within nature.

Meshary AlNassar aims to “create one-of-a-kind living spaces that speak volumes upon first glance. A firm believer in the power of authenticity, Meshary is convinced that the most successful projects are a result of an open relationship, one that is based on collaboration, openness, and a willingness to go above and beyond.”