Emirati Architect and founder of MULA design studio, Abdulla Almulla announced as the designer of Audi Innovation Hub for Dubai Design Week 2019.

With the avenues of design taking off in the UAE, award-winning Emirati Designer Abdalla Almulla is defining his take on user-based conceptual design, where at an early stage in the design process, the broad outlines of function and form are articulated in order to better understand the user’s needs. An architecture graduate from the Woodbury University in San Diego, USA, Almulla founded his design firm ‘MULA’ in 2018; where they have set the guidelines of their work through regulators such as function, pattern and geometry in order to create design that is constantly evolving.

Branching out from his background in architecture, Abdulla discovered the potential of product design when exploring conceptual ideas, leading him to develop his work through the study of concepts, prototyping and digital technology through the making of products. He uses patterns and geometry as regulators in his design guidelines, and is driven by the energy in the creative process.

From the ‘Mese’ range for daily living to the ‘WOV’ collection of tables that have been exhibited both regionally and internationally, Almulla aims to produce unique, bespoke works tailored to its user in his varied product collection.

In 2017, he designed the acclaimed installation ‘Specular’ for jewelry brand Gafla during Dubai Design Week. Having participated in design weeks regionally and globally, his most recent participation was in Milan, where he was a part of UAE design stories. He was also commissioned by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) to design public seating for the Al Safa Arts and Design Library, giving rise to his ‘Shak’l’ seating concept, exhibited at Downtown Design in 2018.

This year, Almulla is also one of the four emerging designers selected for the Tanween Design Programme 2019, where participants develop products that marry their design styles with the UAE design aesthetic. Contributing to the growing pool of work by talented Emirati designers in the region, Almulla has quickly found his place in the current design landscape.