Architectural surfaces brand Cosentino has announced that it will collaborate with five regional design houses for its latest collection launching in June consisting of functionally ornate furniture and home accessories which will be showcased at Dubai Design Week’s highlight event, Downtown Design, set to take place 8-12 November 2021 at d3 Waterfront during the festival.

Conceived in collaboration with Studio Nada Debs, Kart Group, Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, Aljoud Lootah and The Line Concept, the Capsule Collection is set to debut in June, and will be launched under the theme of ‘Breaking Boundaries’ as an ode to the company’s Dekton Slim material – a new 4mm ultracompact surface.

The designers are asked to create objects using this material both as a functional and a decorative element, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the material to its full potential to create five individual works of art in their signature design styles.

“This project marks our commitment to creating locally and sustainably,” explained Miriam Llano, Marketing Manager – Cosentino Middle East. “It is also a way to showcase to the world the incredible design talent we have in the Middle East and to celebrate their unique creations in a material totally new to them. The Cosentino Capsule Collection is really about collaborating and breaking boundaries in every sense – material, design, process and production.”

While Fadi Sarieddine, founder of the multidisciplinary atelier Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, is keen on exploring the characteristics of Dekton Slim material as applied to furniture, Lebanese designer Nada Debs says she is “looking forward to creating a synergy between the advanced technology of Cosentino and the intricate crafts of the region.”

Meanwhile, Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah aims to reconcile the material in a new way, creating 3-dimensional and functional products, echoing her dedication to Emirati culture and artisanal craft distinctive of her work.

Dana Al Matrook and Newsha Dastaviz from contemporary furniture design studio The Line Concept add, “We look forward to providing a refreshing perspective on how avant-garde materials such as Dekton Slim can be applied in unconventional designs.”