A workshop exploring the use of origami as a form finding tool.

Protogami is a technical design workshop that explores the conceptuality of origami and its application in design. The workshop will be looking at different crease patterns and try to generate different forms as a result of these components. Various iterations will be assessed to explore geometric characteristics, develop logical design intention and conceptual ideas to experiment with and apply on architectural properties. This is achieved through origami folding logic, prototyping, and materiality.

For registration please visit Re:Urban Studio. Official Venue Partner of Dubai Design Week, Re:Urban Studio will host a series of masterclasses and workshops led by members of the local and international design community.

About Abdullah Ibrahim

An experienced designer and educator based in Dubai. He has gained a master's degree in Urban Science and a post-grad research in robotic fabrication, he graduated with excellence from the Institute for advanced architecture, Catalonia. Afterward, he approached the MIT Fab Academy and developed a project of self-organizing mini-robots.

He has directed and taught several workshops locally and internationally tackling various design computation and digital fabrication topics. He has worked and collaborated with different academic and professional entities in different design scales. He is currently the Director of IAAC Dubai Global Summer School and Founder of Five-Nine Design & Innovation.