Tatreez activities was available daily, conducted by 81 Designs. Participants learned the history of traditional Palestinian Tatreez and created simple designs using a provided kit.

A series of complementary and interactive Tatreez activities conducted by 81 Designs, a social enterprise that aimed to preserve and modernize the time-honoured art of Palestinian embroidery - Tatreez.

Participants learned about the history of Tatreez and delved into the art form by creating simple designs. The enterprise held six 45 minute sessions daily. Every participant was provided with a Tatreez kit created by the Palestinian refugee women that are employed by 81 Designs.‬‬

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About 81 Designs

81 Designs is a social enterprise that brings both art and humanity together. In 2015, Nesrine El Tibi Maalouf and Nadine Y Maalouf founded 81 Designs with a group of refugee artisan women living in Ain el Helweh Camp in South Lebanon. The enterprise’s mission is to showcase their artisanal talents, restore hope in building their future, and preserve and modernize the ancient embroidery technique Tatreez. By providing employment opportunities, 81 Designs empowers and improves the social and living conditions of these skilled refugee women. Our collaborations can be viewed on both our social media channels and website at 81designsme.com